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Night School

Reacher's minimalist existence is something to be envied. If only we had the courage to be that free.

—Ft. Worth Star Telegram

  • Set in 1996, bestseller Child's splendid 21st Jack Reacher novel (after 2015's Make Me) delves into his hero's U.S. Army past. Right after Reacher is commended for a mission in the Balkans, he's immediately sent "back to school." It turns out that school means a vital and secret mission: a sleeper cell in Hamburg, Germany, has learned of an American traitor with something to sell to Islamic terrorists for $100 million. Alfred Ratcliffe, the U.S. president's National Security Adviser, tells Reacher and his fellow students—two seasoned agents from the CIA and the FBI—"we have enemies everywhere" and gives Reacher's team its orders: "Your job is to find that American." It's no spoiler to say that Reacher handles the heavy lifting on-site in Hamburg, though he's ably assisted by two former military police colleagues, Frances Neagley and Manuel Orozco. The premise of the pre-9/11 plot is both compelling and disconcerting, and Child applies his trademark eye for detail to make the whole endeavor surprisingly and thrillingly credible.
    —Publishers Weekly, starred review

    This wayback novel, with its old-school investigating, street-smart tactics, and classic Reacher attitude, is an edge-of-your-seat book readers won't want to put down.
    —Library Journal, starred review

    The premise of Child's celebrated Jack Reacher series may be the best in the business: off-the-grid, ex-military guy—have toothbrush will travel—wanders about, stumbling into messes and cleaning them up. But how do you keep it going without those random messes beginning to seem contrived? By flashing back to Reacher when he was on the grid and in the army... There’s also something out of the ordinary for Child: an in-depth portrait of the bad guy, who is very bad, indeed, but in a pathetic, almost sympathetic way, as when we see him at the end, his master plan in tatters (no spoiler there—this is a Reacher novel), staring blankly with "open-mouthed incredulity at the unlikely ways the world can crush a person." We share that incredulity, but with Child's equally unlikely ability to keep his formula fresh, not only with well-timed backstory, but also with a touch of lyricism where we least expect it.
    —ALA Booklist, starred review

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Delacorte hardcover Nov 2016 9780804178808

Dell mass-market paperback May 2017 9780804178822

Bantam UK hardcover Nov 2016 9780593073902

Bantam UK mass-market paperback April 2017 9780857502704

Bantam UK trade paperback Nov 20169 780593073919

Random House (US) Large Print paperback Nov 2016 9781524708351

Random House Audio CD (unabridged) Nov 2016 9780804192958

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Bantam UK Audio CD (abridged) Nov 2016 9781846574481

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Delacorte eBook Nov 2016 9780804178815

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