Deep Down

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Reacher is called to Washington, D.C. to investigate who is leaking key arms data. The suspects are four women on a fast track up the military chain of command. Real Type-A personalies: smart, busy, focused—not the type to waste time on a hulk, no matter how hunky. How’s Reacher going to charm secrets out of anyone and catch the culprit when there’s no time to waste?

A print edition can be found as bonus material in the Bantam (US/CA) mass-market paperback edition of A WANTED MAN.

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Delacorte digital eBook July 2012 9780345537102

Random Hse Audio unabr CD 2014 (incl High Heat, Second Son, Jack Reacher's Rules) 9780553397734

Random Hse Audio unabr download 2014 (incl High Heat, Second Son, Jack Reacher's Rules) 9780553397741

Transworld digital eBook July 2012 9781448153879

Transworld audio download July 2012 9781448153886