Jack Reacher’s Rules

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Timeless advice from Jack Reacher: Hand-to-hand combat, Travelling light, Cracking codes, Handling weapons, Conquering your deepest fears, Understanding women. Includes an introduction by Lee.

You don’t have to break the rules if you make the rules. Now Reacher’s hard-won knowledge and hard-hitting strategies are within reader’s reach—in a rapid-fire rundown of the trade secrets, tried-and-true tricks, and time-honored tactics that separate the man in the street from the man to beat.

Delacorte hardcover November 2012 9780345544292

Random Hse Audio unabr CD 2014 (incl Deep Down, High Heat, Second Son) 9780553397734

Random Hse Audio unabr download 2014 (incl Deep Down, High Heat, Second Son) 9780553397741

Bantam UK hardcover November 2012 9780593070734

Bantam UK ebook November 2012 9781448153947